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Anatomy for the

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What is Enatom?

Enatom is the anatomy atlas of the future in an app. It combines 3D photorealistic anatomy and cutting-edge visualization technique. In Enatom, respect and admiration for the human body come together in a high-quality anatomy learning experience that can be used anywhere, anytime.

Who is Enatom for?

Enatom has been developed for eight years in order to make an optimal contribution to the training of a new generation of vital healthcare workers. Think of doctors, nurses, dentists, physiotherapists, surgery and anesthetists and for the healthcare professionals already working, such as medical specialists. Enatom is your essential continuing education tool, but also a digital reference work for preparing for surgical procedures.

Tomorrow's healthcare professional will largely learn anatomy via digital sources, remotely, with a preference for flexibility and time effectiveness. Enatom brings these two approaches together in a unique way, making a substantial addition to the digital education landscape for students and teachers.

Experts on Enatom

Janniko Georgiadis / Head of Section Anatomy and Medical Physiology University Medical Center Groningen

“Enatom encourages our students to gain more anatomical knowledge. We challenge them to explore with smart testing and visually high-quality preparations within a platform that can be consulted anytime, anywhere.

The great thing about this is that you can observe even more details within the Enatom app than you actually see in the dissecting room. Especially in deep structures of the body.”

“This is the first app to bring together anatomical theory with the unique learning experience offered by the real anatomical specimen, empowering students and educators and revolutionizing the visualization of real human anatomy.”

Janniko Georgiadis / Head of Section Anatomy and Medical Physiology UMCG

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