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What is Enatom?

Enatom combines the persuasiveness of modern, high-quality 360° visualization and a proven educational model, the anatomical preparation of the real human, within 1 single app. Because the Enatom app is being developed for computers, tablets and VR/AR glasses, it can offer various solutions to align the study of realistic anatomy with the demands of modern biomedical education in which technology-enhanced learning and teaching plays an increasingly important role.

Enatom is perfectly suited for blended learning, self-regulated learning and time- and place-independent learning; the concept also fits in perfectly with the perception of new generations of students, which means that studying anatomy remains motivating.

Within the app, anatomical preparations can be studied all the way around, so that the user really experiences the realism, layering and depth of the anatomy. Interaction with preparations consists of intuitive annotation of anatomical structures, such as nerves, tendons and muscles, supported by effective schematic representations. In this way, realistic anatomy is linked at a glance to concepts at a conceptual level, which makes the knowledge better retained and more relevant.

Enatom also makes it possible to annotate and create notes on the photorealistic 3D models, a functionality that is very relevant for teachers and that promotes collaboration. And, last but not least, a testing module is being developed that allows for customized testing in a realistic anatomical context. The essential link between learning and testing is thus ensured within one app environment.

The 4 Pillars of Enatom

High-quality content

Enatom has created a unique, unparalleled and automated visualization process of very high quality lifelike anatomical content.

Education Equality

Reducing educational inequality through greater self-management and making knowledge and testing accessible.

Ready for the future

We work with point-cloud technology to smoothly display highly detailed preparations
for traditional hardware and on VR/AR glasses.

Co creation

Enatom works closely with the University Medical Center Groningen.

Elearning 2.0

Anatomy knowledge and 3-dimensional imagination are of great importance for limiting medical risks in surgical procedures and in the application of medical technology. Our unique application of point cloud techniques offers unparalleled anatomy visualizations that can be studied as in a real dissecting room. Combined with an intuitive app, we introduce a new level of realism to digital anatomy.

Thanks to Enatom, teachers can use a classic and proven teaching method in a modern way. Students can study anatomy and repeat it endlessly, whenever they want. Using the most realistic model of human anatomy, humans themselves, healthcare professionals worldwide can access a wealth of anatomical information, visualized using state-of-the-art technology.

All expertise under one roof


Full in-house development of the Enatom platform and making it suitable for virtual reality and augmented reality purposes.


8 years of experience scanning human specimens that have gone through several layers of software results in the highest achievable quality of visualization.


All anatomical knowledge in-house to provide preparations with the correct information, including supervision from the UMCG.


The UMCG produces the anatomical preparations that Enatom carefully digitizes for the app.


Our business developers have experience in the healthcare and education sector. They are happy to help you find new applications for Enatom within your institution.
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