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Enatom has all expertise and experience under one roof

We are enthusiastic, creative and motivated people from the healthcare, science and tech industry, who have been developing a medical-ethical tested app with great care and attention for eight years. Our team is based in the Netherlands and together with the University Medical Center Groningen has bundled their knowledge about anatomy and digital e-learning to broaden knowledge and impact in the medical education sector.

A unique collaboration

After almost 10 years of collaboration, a strong relationship and unique collaboration has developed between the UMCG and Enatom. We see it as our task not to keep relevant anatomical knowledge within our own doors, but to bring it out in order to improve the educational landscape. Based on this co-creation, clear agreements have been made about how Enatom is used within other hospitals and schools, there are clear communication protocols and we look purely at which organizations Enatom can best collaborate with.

Content & Operations

Fabian Debates

Very experienced content creator. Always investigates how this can be improved and sets a course to make this smarter.

In 2008, Fabian started experimenting with interactive 360 ​​degree video, scanning and Virtual Reality as one of the first camera operators in the world of hi-end visualization technology. As a result, he soon worked all over the world and gained fame in the online advertising world. From 2014, together with Stefan Vogelzang, he fully devoted himself to applications within the education and healthcare sector because they saw that they could change the lives of many people with the help of VR.

As one of the Founders within Enatom, Fabian is co-responsible for the creative course the company is following as well as for operational management and team formation. In addition, he is engaged in the production of digital anatomical content and is ultimately responsible for the Enatom studio.

Business Development & CEO

Lusanne Tehupuring

Lots of experience in education. She is a connector and accelerator. Her motto: alone you go faster, together you go further.

Lusanne has a commercial background and extensive experience in education. Always from the perspective and the will to accelerate and innovate. In 2018 she opted for self-employment. From that position, she has played a connecting role in the Dutch startup ecosystem in recent years.

With this knowledge and experience in her pocket, she is determined to reduce the gap between theory and practice in biomedical education. Naturally in co-creation with the customer/end user. Her motto is: alone you go faster, together you go further. As the person responsible for business development within Enatom, you can always approach her for feedback and good ideas!

Marketing & Strategy

Stefan Vogelzang

Creative with a weakness for brand and marketing. A visual thinker who likes to shape the future.

16 years entrepreneur and professional in Virtual reality and Augmented Reality solutions. As a co-founder of the first VR company in the Netherlands with over 10 years of 360° video experience worldwide, his companies have achieved international success and won multiple awards. Within Enatom, Stefan is responsible for marketing and strategy.

Always on a mission with clear goals and determination to get there. Looking for acceleration and growth. Seeing and seizing opportunities! The role of others is not forgotten in this. An emotional person… But does not mince words and is always honest. Say what you do and do what you say. (Stubborn) wise, averse to politics and likes to kick sacred cows. Please act as a representative of the club.

Technology & Development

Bastian Hofsteenge

The brains in the technical operation with a keen eye on 'future tech' and how this can help us move forward.

With experience on both the corporate side (Atos) and the startup side (Viemr, VRelax), Bastiaan is able to realize products that perfectly match the market. As CTO, Bastiaan is responsible for the technical realization and development of Enatom. In recent years he has worked extensively on VR/AR projects and specialized in Point Cloud modelling. Experience that he can now immediately use for Enatom.
medical supervisor

Yourik van Overloop

Partly due to his own osteopathic practices, he has a lot of anatomy experience. Also very enterprising and can be found all over Europe.

As a much sought-after Anatomy teacher, Yourik has been active for years at universities in Ghent, Antwerp, Groningen, Copenhagen and Cairo. Entrepreneurship is also in his blood; he has been successfully running an osteopathy practice with several locations for several years now.
Yourik is involved in Enatom's content production. Thanks to its knowledge of anatomy and didactics, Enatom is able to deliver a high-quality e-learning product.
Software engineer

Yoran Mandema

The team player with a sharp eye on what needs to be built and a strong sense of usability and design.

Yoran is the dev talent you want on your team. With experience in Unity, C# and many other programming languages, he is involved in the technical realization of Enatom on a daily basis. His experience in the gaming industry comes in handy here. Learning new skills and applying them directly to Enatom is what he likes to do most.
Anatomy editor

Fabian Vercauteren

Ensures accurate annotation of the preparations within the Enatom platform based on anatomical knowledge.

After my physiotherapy course, I went to Groningen to broaden my knowledge in the field of exercise. At the University of Groningen I completed the pre-master Human Movement Sciences and I am now working on the Master Sport sciences.

Besides being a student, I also work as an anatomy student assistant. Here I have expanded my knowledge considerably. Together with my colleagues, I look forward to getting started within the Enatom project and further applying my knowledge here.

Anatomy editor

Bram Schols

Ensures accurate annotation of the preparations within the Enatom platform based on anatomical knowledge.

I am currently in my last year of the Bachelor of Human Movement Sciences. In recent years I have had a lot of education in anatomy and also assisted in teaching neuroanatomy. I now use the anatomical knowledge I gained as a result for the development of Enatom.
Anatomy editor

Mats Dijkstra

Ensures accurate annotation of the preparations within the Enatom platform based on anatomical knowledge.

During the bachelor of Human Movement Sciences I gained a lot of knowledge and understanding about the human body. The necessary anatomical knowledge that I needed for several courses, in combination with my experience as a student assistant in anatomy, has ensured that I have a very good knowledge of human anatomy.
Anatomy editor

Emily Lovers

Ensures accurate annotation of the preparations within the Enatom platform based on anatomical knowledge.

At the moment I am graduating from the bachelor of Human Movement Sciences. During the past years I have been able to follow various courses in anatomy. With this I have laid the foundation of my anatomical knowledge. Together with my great interest in anatomy, I can use this knowledge and develop it further as an anatomical editor.

Meet our Advisory Board

Founding Father & Medical Supervisor

Janniko Georgiadis

Spiritual father of Enatom, guardian of (ethical) ideas and supportive of research.

Janniko Georgiadis had the original idea for Enatom. He works as an anatomist, brain scientist and educational researcher at the University Medical Center Groningen. As a lecturer and researcher, he experiences every day how challenging it is for students to understand the structure of the human body, even though they need that knowledge in their (future) professional practice. From this idea, the idea for a virtual dissection room arose about seven years ago, a safe digital platform in which the human body can be studied, taught, prepared and tested on the basis of high-quality, photorealistic 3D models of real human anatomical preparations.

Janniko's role at Enatom is to oversee correct anatomical and medical content, to research the effectiveness of Enatom, and to monitor the strict guidelines and ethical frameworks that also apply to a real dissection room.

COO TechLeap & Information Management Expert

Martin Cleeren

Extensive experience in information management and strategy. A real team builder with an eye for talent.

Maarten is a versatile information management professional with a passion for semantic technologies. He is a motivated talent developer and team builder, with experience in managing growing, multi-level and international teams.

He has been active in various fields and has a broad and proven track record of driving strategic initiatives and executing projects against investment plans on budget, on time and with the required quality. A strong communicator and storyteller, he really enjoys presenting. Especially by making specialist subjects accessible to a general audience.

Entrepreneur & Investor

Frank Smit

Connector, investor and experienced entrepreneur in building Saas companies that make processes simpler and more fun.

Frank is a connector and experienced entrepreneur in building international software companies. With companies such as Malengo and EmbraceSBS, he managed to simplify processes with less rules, demarcation and bureaucracy and more vision, passion and ambition. With EmbraceSBS, in 2019 there was a company with 150 employees, hundreds of customers and they were in the lists of both FD Gazellen and the Deloitte Tech Fast 50 for three years in a row.

With VMSP he focuses on starting software companies such as Embrace, Let's Get Digital and Unafix with a Business to Business SaaS model that are conquering the world from the Northern Netherlands.

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