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Our vision

Healthcare and education are under increasing pressure. More than ever, there is a need for fast and flexible access to accurate knowledge.

Enatom bridges the gap between theory and practice, bridges the absence of a real operating room due to financial or, for example, cultural constraints, and gives medical students and professionals realistic access to the human anatomy. As a result, we provide worldwide access to realistic anatomical content for the healthcare professional of tomorrow.


Our business developers have experience in healthcare and higher education. They are happy to help you find new ways to apply Enatom within your organization.

Enatom is developed with student, healthcare professionals teachers. The provides customization, is of added value about this de end users en is affordable, safe and en scalable. This is what the education  nu necessary has. We do this with smart apps that are easy to implement in the education system. Request a practical demo now and let us convince you!

    “Enatom offers a sustainable alternative to textbooks and reduces educational inequality in low-resource settings. In doing so, we improve the anatomy education landscape and promote 'lifelong learning'.”

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