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Groningen start-up Enatom receives investment from

G-Force Capital in Triade

Enatom receives an investment of €400.000 from G-Force Capital and Triade investment to make a step towards market launch. The startup develops an e-learning application in which the anatomy of the human body is realistically depicted in 3D. This makes it possible for biomedical students and professionals to have access to very high-quality anatomical knowledge anywhere and at any time and to test it. The layering in the application ensures that students can often see much more than in practice.

“The 3D models are also extremely suitable for virtual reality and augmented reality applications,” says co-founder and CEO Lusanne Tehupuring. "At Enatom, we believe that this is the future of teaching, and we are responding to that. Thanks to the unique collaboration with the UMCG, we have access to scientific knowledge and long-standing expertise in the field of anatomical knowledge transfer and anatomical preparation.”

Collaboration with UMCG

Janniko Georgiadis, head of Anatomy & Medical Physiology at the UMCG and advisor to Enatom, believes in Enatom as a solution for anatomy education in an increasingly complex healthcare education landscape: “I often see in my work that there is not enough opportunity for students to study at realistic anatomy, as a real anatomical preparation offers. I also speak with international colleagues who do not have access to anatomical preparations, for example for cultural or economic reasons. With the developed technology and the collaboration with our academic department, it is also possible to have students and other stakeholders learn and teach in such settings on the basis of a much more realistic anatomy of the human body than is the case with animated or graphic anatomy applications. it.”

Impact medical education

Niek Huizenga, fund manager G-force, likes to invest in the startup. “Enatom is a breakthrough in medical education. It offers students all over the world the opportunity to gain knowledge of the human body independent of time and place. In addition to the potential of the product, the team is extremely strong, consisting of top professionals from science, technology and education.”

Hilbrand van der Zee, Triade Investments adds: “We believe that Enatom can make an impact on medical education. As Triad, we are therefore happy to support this innovation with our network, knowledge and contacts in the market.”

About Enato

Enatom was founded in September 2022 by four Groningen founders: Fabian Debats, Bastiaan Hofsteenge, Lusanne Tehupuring and Stefan Vogelzang. The company originated from an intensive collaboration between the Anatomy & Medical Physiology Section of the University Medical Center Groningen and VIEMR, a specialist in VR technology with a worldwide client base.

Over G-Force Capital a Triad Investment

G-Force Capital is a pre-seed fund from Groningen aimed at startups in the digital sector. The fund was founded in 2017 and is part of the Investment Fund Groningen. More information on

Triade Investment is part of the UMCG and participates in early-stage startups that are active in the health economy. More information on

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