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Enatom secures €900K investment for its 'virtual dissection room'

GRONINGEN, the NETHERLANDS – LUMO Labs, NOM and UNETI Ventures together invest €900,000 in University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) spin-out Enatom to further develop its ground-breaking 'virtual dissection room', enabling students and healthcare professionals worldwide to explore human anatomy in unprecedented detail, free from geographical and physical barriers.

Enatom already serves students and professionals in over six European countries, including the Netherlands, Belgium and Austria, and is receiving additional interest from different regions around the world. The funds from this recent investment will be used to expand its technical and sales teams and to strengthen the startups foothold in health education.   

“We want to make comprehensive anatomical education universally accessible and engaging.” says Lusanne Tehupuring, CEO of Enatom. “We give it our all to become the market leader in high-end 3D anatomy visualization for training and educating healthcare students/professionals worldwide and we are immensely excited to now have these renowned investors by our side towards reaching that goal.” 

Enatom's virtual dissection room is accessible for healthcare students and professionals on their usual personal devices such as laptops, tablets, and VR headsets, anywhere and anytime. By leveraging photorealistic scans of real human specimens and utilizing point-cloud techniques – which use data points within a 3D space to create accurate and detailed object representations – for seamless streaming of complex data, the product surpasses traditional learning methods in both accessibility and effectiveness.  

“Our meticulous approach to scanning human specimens and our deep respect and understanding of the intricacies of the human body, position us as a highly reliable resource for educational institutions,” says Fabian Debats, Co-founder of Enatom.

Tristan Dikkers, representing NV NOM, praises the startup's technological approach, “The point cloud technology of Enatom allows them to offer very realistic content. We believe that Enatom can bridge the gap between theory and practice in anatomy education and are very excited to be a part of the journey of Enatom.”

Sven Bakkes, Founding Partner, LUMO Labs: “Enatom operates at the crossroads of two of our key impact goals; quality education, and good health and wellbeing. Our investment in Enatom reflects our belief that this team of relentless impact-driven entrepreneurs can and will transform anatomical education around the world. By doing so, they will improve the lives of many.”

Wadim de Boon, Investment Manager, UNETI Ventures highlighted the platform's broader impact, “Realistic anatomy education is essential for various medical courses. Enatom's 3D photorealistic platform has the potential to make these more accessible and efficient. We believe that will become valuable as it indirectly relieves some pressure from the declining care capacity. We are excited to help Enatom realize its potential.”

This investment follows earlier funding from G-Force Capital and Triade Investments for the development and successful validation of Enatom's approach and technology, in collaboration with among others UMCG, the Medical University of Vienna and Amsterdam University Medical Center. 

About Enatom

Enatom is an emerging tech startup that specializes in high-end 3D visualization techniques within the field of human anatomy. By doing this they want to bridge the gap between theory and practice and improve learning outcomes. Enatom's intuitive web app enhances the realism of digital anatomy, providing an exceptional learning experience accessible anytime, anywhere. 

Enatom media contact

Lusanne Tehupring, CEO /

Pictures: Enatom's founders Stefan Vogelzang, Fabian Debats, Lusanne Tehupuring and Bastiaan Hofsteenge (Left to Right)

About LUMO Labs

LUMO Labs creates opportunities for impact-driven software startups. The current LUMO Fund II is an impact-driven multi-stage capital fund (pre-seed up to and including series A). It includes a two-year venture builder program to support its portfolio companies in gaining financial success as well as social traction and impact.

LUMO Labs funds startups that align with at least one of the three United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: Sustainable Cities & Communities, Good Health & Well-Being and Quality Education. Its investment focus includes Artificial Intelligence/Data, Blockchain, Internet of Things, Robotics and Drones and Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality. LUMO Labs advocates self-determination and traceable ownership of data and transparency and traceability of technologies.

About is a knowledge and investment consortium consisting of Dutch universities and LUMO Labs. Formed in 2020, the consortium's aim is to advance the availability and relevance of artificial intelligence innovations within society. The consortium was awarded a subsidy of eight million euros for pre-seed funding and knowledge transfer to startups. This is a subsidy from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency's (RVO) Technology Transfer (TTT) scheme. The investment in Enatom is the eighth investment under the scheme.

LUMO Labs media contact

Andy Lürling, Founding Partner / /

About UNETI Ventures

UNETI consists of a close-knit group of entrepreneurial investors, who invest collaboratively across transformative verticals. They are always on the hunt for strong teams with breakthrough ideas and a clear path to break even.

UNETI Ventures media contact

Wadim de Boon, Investment Manager / /

About NV NOM

NOM is the investment and development agency for the Northern Netherlands that offers tailor-made financing and advice to innovative entrepreneurs who want to grow or establish themselves in the Northern Netherlands. At NOM, entrepreneurs are helped with funding, connections and knowledge. The services are independent and creative. They contribute to the growth of entrepreneurs and thus strengthen the economy in the Northern Netherlands in a sustainable way.

NV NOM media contact

Tristan Dikkers, Investor / /

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